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Proposal Submission


  • Global trends in a changing world of demographics and lenses

  • Globalization, nationalism, and cultural identity

  • Cross cultural leadership perspectives in an interconnected world

  • Inclusive education: access and equity

  • Ethical practices and leadership in diverse contexts

  • Cultural Adaption

  • Global mobilization, migration and immigration

  • Global citizenship and service learning

Types of Proposals

  • A Paper Proposal can be submitted by an individual or a small group of authors

  • A Proposal for a Symposium should consist of three or four papers put forward as one proposal

  • A Poster should include both graphical and text presentation of the material

  • A Workshop Interactive session with audience participation

Formatting Proposal

  • Please prepare proposal in English. It is the official language of the conference.

  • Single spacing

  • Arial 12 point font

  • Abstracts of 500 words for proposals


Evaluation of Proposals

  • All proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by members of the Program Committee

and recommendations will be made to the Conference Planning Committee. Review

criteria will include: relevance to the conference over all theme and the topic for which

it was submitted; contribution to education theory, practice, and advancing research and implications in the fields of local and global interconnectedness of cultural diversity;

clarity of purpose; opportunity for interaction.

  • The outcome of the review process will be:

    • Accepted as is

    • Accepted with minor revisions

    • Accepted as Poster

    • Accepted as Round Table Discussion

    • Rejected

Presenters need to be registered for the conference. We urge you to register quickly to take advantage of the early bird rate. Click Here.

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